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Who is Managing your Life?

Who is Managing your Life? In a world of managing others, it can be easy to lose sight of what your true focus is.

In a world of managing others, it can be easy to lose sight of what your true focus is. You may find yourself leading in an overly self-focused direction. Your mission statement for your personal and professional career may include aspects you did not originally consider. So, who is managing your life? It's you.

Who is Managing your Life?

For example, you might find that your relationships are becoming strained because of too much dependence. Yet, you keep spending money and time with them because they are your "go-to" people. If you were to become self-reliant, develop a solid network of trusted contacts and foster lasting relationships, your finances would likely take a back seat to more satisfying self-mastery. This would free you up to pursue your passions and meet the needs of those you really care about. You would then be truly taking control of your own destiny by determining exactly who is managing your life. Is it you or those you think you are managing

There is one key aspect of managing our own life that many of us never pay attention to: our mental preparation for the future. Our mental preparation has an enormous impact on our success as individuals and as a team. Without careful consideration of our mental tools, we often find ourselves running in circles and being unable to make progress. For example, there is a common tendency for some of us to believe that we will be successful as leaders if we remain managers. Yet, we don't want to leave the day-to-day affairs of managing our own businesses up to others. When this happens, we are truly not managing our lives but simply participating in the whims of others.

Some of us have a tendency toward the "I can do this" attitude. Sometimes this type of mindset can even get in the way of our achieving our goals. If we keep telling ourselves that we can achieve our goals and it's not possible until we gain specific certification or leadership skills, then we are limiting our potential. Who is this guy/girl to tell us that there is no way to make money being a business owner? We are the ones who will tell ourselves that if we go after our dreams, then success will certainly come to us.

Often we are so focused on other people's behaviors that we become paralyzed with inaction. We begin to feel paralyzed by our fear of not meeting expectations. Sometimes, our fears are warranted but usually our fears are not. So, we can spend most of our time working to avoid the negative outcomes rather than take the actions necessary to prevent them.

Who is Managing your Life?

So, when answering the question of, "Who is managing your life?" you might want to ask yourself, "What is my mental preparation?" You can be empowered by knowing what you need to do and how you are going to do it. By empowering yourself, you will be more able to enjoy all the great things that life has to offer.

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