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Is There Such Thing As A Quick Fix ?

The phrase "no such thing as a quick fix" has become a regular punch line in comedy acts, and this is probably because it explains well the…

Are You Dealing With Stereotypes in Your Decision Making?

"Stereotyping is the use of different descriptions to classify an individual, group or a society. It has both political and emotional significan…

A Philosophy of Love

The Eeyore's Philosophy is an interesting book. It's a classic children's book written by Dr. W. Clement Stone. In The Eeyore's Philo…

The Importance of Civilization in Human Society

Civilization has always been the key to the development of civilizations. A simple definition of civilization is the ability of a society or people t…

How Greed Compromises Being Kind?

"Compromise" has always been associated with Love, and not Greed. However, in recent decades this is becoming a problem, and I fear it'…
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