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Are You Dealing With Stereotypes in Your Decision Making?

"Stereotyping is the use of different descriptions to classify an individual, group or a society. It has both political and emotional significan…

Have You Been Deceived a Bad Deck of Life Cards?

There is nothing more devastating to a person than to be dealt a bad deck of cards. Most people have experienced being dealt a low grade hand at some…

Stress Management - Tips For Reducing Stress

Stress Management: What You Need To Know! If you are a college student, a working person, or just a housewife and you have a hard time dealing with y…

Recognizing and Dealing With a Bailer

Recognizing and dealing with a bailer is a very important part of the legal process. It is not only about getting out of jail, but it is also about p…

Borrowing Anything From Anyone - How To Avoid Getting Borrowed Out

If you are going to be borrowing anything from anyone for any reason, you need to know the top 9 rules of borrowing. It is important to make sure tha…
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