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Working With Your Gut Feelings Not Against Them

We all know that the gut can send you signals about things we don't want to do. Fortunately, your gut is a powerful tool that can guide you in ma…

Clarity And Control Of Perception

There is a certain way of looking at life and existence that God has designed to manifest a divine truth, but it seems that the majority of people on…

The Role Of Emotions In Life

This politically inspired article explores the role of emotions in our everyday lives and why some people use emotions to their advantage while other…

What Are the Anxiety Symptoms?

What are the common Anxiety symptoms? If you are suffering from anxiety, you may experience a combination of feelings including: stress, worry, appre…

The Importance of Understanding Oneself

"There is no way to understand another person, or anything else, except by feeling it." ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Those quotes from MLK came…

Open up about your emotions!

Hiding our pain and showing only the family face is not a good strategy at all. I know that sometimes we have to choose to hide our true feelings. Bu…

Convey More Than You Say - How To Express Your Feelings

How can you convey more than you say? What do you have to say to impress the other party? How do you get your message across without saying a word? Y…

Why Do We Need to Feel Special

"Why do we need to feel special?" You may ask? How does it make sense to feel special when we don't have anything special to offer? Why…
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