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The Role Of Emotions In Life

The Role Of Emotions In Life, This politically inspired article explores the role of emotions in our everyday lives and why some people use emotions

This politically inspired article explores the role of emotions in our everyday lives and why some people use emotions to their advantage while others use them inversely. In addition, this article explores why some people feel so strongly about a particular cause or belief while others are totally neutral or they find it totally irrelevant. The article explores the importance of emotions in our daily lives.

The Role Of Emotions In Life

During the oral history interviews, which were conducted between American World War Two oral historian Richard B. Hoover and British World War Two oral historian Michael Crieghton, the interviewers asked Hoover lots of questions pertaining to his opinions on a wide range of issues. The interviews did not take long and Hoover was able to elaborate on each of these topics in his book Emancipation of Man. Hoover maintained that during the war the government controlled all major media outlets, including radio, TV, and newspapers, and the press controlled the public with lies and propaganda. Emotionally, Americans were totally controlled by their emotions, which prevented them from following any kind of agenda imposed by the government. This book maintains that throughout the course of World War Two, the government, which was run by a tightly controlled "regime" often used fear, lies, and propaganda to control the mass media and keep the citizenry under control.

Hoover's Emancipation of Man is a fascinating look at the emotional nature of humankind and what we need to do as a population to remain strong, healthy, and happy. Hoover also delves deeply into how the mass media has manipulated the emotional responses of the American people to support policies that benefit the government and its power brokers. Hoover maintained that all of America's ills were the result of our nation's ills and our leaders' inability to communicate positive emotional messages to the citizenry. These leaders manipulated the masses through the mass media with deception and innuendo to shape their beliefs, prejudices, and emotions. The authors examine all four books in this set and provide a wealth of historical information, along with the relevant context for each topic.

As you read The Anatomy of Emotions, you will learn how our emotions are related to our physical health. When one is healthy, the other two components of human well-being, psychological health, and physiological health are balanced. When one is unhealthy, all three components are disrupted. Our emotional health can be influenced by the attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of others. As Dr. Andrew Cohen points out in his review of The Anatomy of Emotions, "the key to emotional health is the intellectual understanding that our thoughts become our actions."

As part of their review, The Anatomy of Emotions also examines the impact of media on the emotional expression of individuals. The author contends that the media contributes to the erosion of our sense of social awareness, the loss of our sense of direction, and the loss of our sense of self. The media perpetuates our own feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression, as well as send a message to the public that we do not take care of ourselves. According to Cohen, "if the public believes that they are less important than other people, if they feel they must monitor themselves to avoid feeling bad, then they will likely do so."

The Role Of Emotions In Life

The Anatomy of Emotions is a very good book on the subject of emotions, particularly the impact of emotions on our physical health. This is another area that is affected by our beliefs and perceptions, as well as our behaviors and attitudes. In essence, this book explores how emotions affect our physical health. While reading this excellent little book will not only help you gain insight into how your emotions affect your physical health, but it will also keep you reminded of how important good communication with your spouse, significant other, children, and parents are to keep your emotional health intact.

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