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How The Power of Self-Conscious Development Can Change Your Life?

What is the power of self-conscious learning? I believe it is to allow us to take control of our experience in the world. It is an approach to learni…

Personal Core Values Important in Your Personal Development

What are your personal core values? Your core personal values are what guide and define your thoughts, feelings and actions. They are your permanent,…

Frequently Asked Questions on Personality and Temperament

Frequently Asked Questions on Temperament and Personality are very important to a person's personal development. They provide the foundation for …

Points of Knowing Yourself

There are many points of knowing yourself, one of them being that you need to be the person that you want to be. The fact is that a person who wants …

Be Proud Of Your Best Effort is a Great Resource for Anyone Who is Serious About Their Personal Growth

Be Proud Of Your Best Effort is a motivational book written by William Maxwell. It is based on his experiences with overcoming personal problems. His…
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