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Personality is Written on Your Face - Discover What it Says About You

People who say that their personalities are written on their face go against scientific research and common sense. The fact of the matter is that the…

How Does Awareness Create Change?

Awareness, as a state of being, is not something that we are born possessing. It is a process which develops in us over the course of many years. The…

Change Your Focus and Get Results, Anywhere and Anytime!

Changing your focus is an extraordinary skill that you can utilize to boost your results in virtually any situation. Recently, I've found myself …

Transform Negative to Productive, Positive Behavior

Transform Negative to Productive, Positive Behavior The best thing you can do to transform negativity into productive, positive behavior is to unders…

Aggressive Video Games - What we need to know!

Aggressive Video Games are one of the trends of all time in new generations. They have many names and may form. But the ideology of those games is bu…
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