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You Are the Happiness You Are Looking For

You Are the Happiness You Are Looking For is an excellent book for people who want to find inner happiness. The author offers gentle guidance and dir…

How to Find Out If Your Life is Out of Control?

It's not uncommon for us to feel as if our lives are out of control and there's no way to turn things around. The thing is though, you can ma…

Finding Mentors in Your Memory

The best way to find Mentors in Your Memory is to have a whole slew of them! For instance, you may find a few Mentors who seem to be all smiles and h…

Single Man: Finding Your Perfect Match

When most people think about their ideal relationship, they usually picture themselves with a beautiful single woman who would be the love of their l…

Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

Seven steps to finding your life purpose. Sounds simple, right? Well, yes, it is...but it isn't. The first step is to decide what you want to do …

Why Do We FOOL Ourselves? Find the Answer to This Simple Question to Get Your Mind Working For You

Have you ever wondered why we FOOL ourselves? What if we could find the answer and be able to do it for everyone else? How about if we could actually…
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