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The Importance of the Link Between Emotional Happyness and Physical Health

The Importance of the Link Between Emotional Happyness and Physical Health, The Emotional Well-Being is a state of total well-being,

The Emotional Well-Being is a state of total well-being, where you feel emotionally at ease, totally happy with your inner and outer situation. You can never be happy if you are miserable and sick inside, or if you are physically ill. The level of emotional well-being varies from one person to another, but it also depends upon many factors. The Emotional Well-Being is reflected in our body, for instance: When you are emotionally joyful, your body language shows that you are physically healthy, as you have good posture, good heart and lung capacity, etc.

Emotional wellness, including emotional health, is a state that will enhance the overall wellness of your mind, body and spirit. When we are healthy emotionally, we feel emotionally energetic too, and this can be reflected in our body language. Your body movements are relaxed and light, and you do not carry yourself with an upright, determined and confident body posture. The Emotional Well-Being is reflected also in your sleep patterns, as you tend to get enough sleep.

A happy and healthy emotional reaction to any event is called an Emotional Reception. An emotional reception is different for everybody; some people may feel joyful, others sad, while some people may even be happy and still upset by the events. These reactions to events are then translated into various changes inside the Emotional Well-Being. Some changes in the Emotional Well-Being can lead to an increase in the Physical Well-Being. The Emotional Well-Being is directly related to the physical well-being.

The Emotional Well-Being is influenced by our feelings and thoughts. The Emotional Well-Being reflects the quality and intensity of our feelings and thoughts. The Emotional Well-Being is important for the proper functioning of all our other emotions, since the Emotional Well-Being is a part of our Consciousness. Thus, the Emotional Well-Being can indicate the quality and intensity of our feelings and thoughts.

We all have different triggers that can affect our Emotional Well-Being, thus making us experience different levels of Emotional Well-Being. Certain events or conditions, such as abuse, violence, or sadness, or poverty, or bereavement, or the death of a loved one, or an illness, can trigger certain aspects of our Emotional Well-Being and change its quality and intensity. For example, a person who has been a victim of violence may become extremely happy after experiencing the trauma. This event triggers a burst of happiness, excitement and energy, which increases the Emotional Well-Being of the victim. However, this same person may become extremely sad after experiencing the trauma and develop feelings of depression. Depression, in turn, affects the quality and intensity of the Emotional Well-Being.

When we talk about the relationship between happy events and the Emotional Well-Being, we often forget to mention the role played by other factors such as the physical state of our bodies. A person who is physically healthy can also be emotionally healthy and happy. The link between emotional well-being and happy events is most apparent during the night, when a person's body normally regulates itself. When we are physically healthy, the Emotional Well-Being is usually very high. When we sleep at night, however, the Emotional Well-Being is reduced due to many factors such as tension and sleep loss. When we talk about the relationship between happy events and the Emotional Well-Being, it is obvious that sleep is one of the important components of the equation.

Another good way to bring about a happy state of mind is to read or listen to music, while taking a bath, or even while doing housework and chores. It has been proven that listening to music especially during the late hours of the day, can reduce stress. Another factor that brings about a state of happiness is exercise. The link between the Emotional Well-Being and happy events is strengthened when the day is full of activities. It is therefore advisable to do exercises during the day, instead of staying at home reading books all night long.

While staying at home, it would also be better to turn off the television and instead watch funny videos on the internet. When the day is full of activities, it is important to find time for socializing and hanging out with friends and family.

While it may seem difficult to leave the television and the computer behind, you should make an attempt to go to a place where there is no noise except for the sound of the television. When talking about the relationship between emotional well-being and happy events, we come across the idea that exercise is very important to maintain a healthy emotional state, but in addition to this, it is important to have fun as well. A healthy social life combined with good physical exercises will certainly bring forth a healthy emotional state and a state of happiness that will benefit the physical body as well as the emotional body.

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