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The Choices We Make In Life

The Choices We Make In Life, Change isn't always easy for Julie Travers. So when her beloved parents move to Nashville from Cincinnati she finds,

Change isn't always easy for Julie Travers. So when her beloved parents move to Nashville from Cincinnati she finds herself suddenly struggling to find her footing in a new town. Making new friends at Gertrude Ayers' clinic helps, as does the advice of an informative local therapist.

With a new identity comes new relationships. Her parents' marriage ends, and Julie is suddenly single. Making the transition to a new relationship can be difficult for even the most stable of people. But with help from a caring and supportive team of friends, Julie manages to make new and rewarding decisions.

Changing careers can be equally stressful. But making the transition to a new position in a company is made easier by having previously held the job you're applying for. In addition to connections and previous employment, there may also be recommendations that can make the process much easier. Then again, if your previous position was more than a little satisfying, you could always consider applying for a different position. There's no better way to relax and face an entire new office environment than with a fresh start at a new company. As you begin to feel comfortable with your position, you'll be able to use previous experiences as a springboard for your next move.

Making choices is a part of life, but not everything we do is wise. When faced with the challenging tasks of parenting, we sometimes have a difficult time deciding what is important to us. Some people would rather spend their time focusing on the "important" things in their lives, while other people would rather save their energy and spread their wings a little more. The choice to stay home and raise a family is one that should be considered carefully, but all the same, we all need to make choices.

Another major life decision that needs to be made frequently involves marriage and divorce. While no one ever looks forward to a divorce, most realize that it will eventually come to pass. That being said, it's equally true that we all make decisions about who we wish to be with and how long we wish to remain single. Whether you believe in soul mates or not, there is nothing that says you can't get along

with another person well beyond the day-to-day existence of the decision maker.

The choices we make throughout our lives will have an effect on our children. As children grow up, they will have many choices they must make as well. Some of those choices may prove to be good decisions, while others will result in heartbreak or disaster. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our children are strong and successful, even when it comes to making life altering decisions.

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