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Relationship Coaching - Understanding Polarity and Learning to Be Good At It!

Relationship Coaching - Understanding Polarity and Learning to Be Good At It! If you were to analyze the concepts of Yin and Yang,

If you were to analyze the concepts of Yin and Yang, we would find that one would be a mixture of the other, with each standing for something different. In a very real sense, this is true of our own souls as well. The awakening to our feminine inner qualities comes as a result of our awareness of our own physicality, as well as the quality man within. However, there is more than just this dynamic to our being, as in learning how to cultivate the feminine qualities, we create a union that stands firm as the foundation for all future development.

Relationship Coaching - Understanding Polarity and Learning to Be Good At It!

In understanding the feminine genius theory, we must look first at what it means to be a quality man, or woman. It is a quality that stand for being whole, complete, whole, as in the totality of a person, and is therefore completely different from the idea of polarity, which suggests an either/or comparison. It stands for our innate ability to delight in the feminine, which makes us feminine in spirit. We are all attracted to the feminine genius, but as we come into contact with her, we also come to see that she is also attracted to us, which creates a balance that is very essential to our being as women.

As a quality man, then, we have a desire to become a feminine genius, which in itself is a desire for a powerful and united polarity between ourselves and the feminine we all want to be. When we have found that union, and it becomes a reality, we can feel like we have found a way to fully enjoy our lives. The beautiful thing about this union between two sexes is that we are drawn to each other through love. It is this very feeling that draws you to a relationship coach, and the secret of a successful relationship for men and women is in their ability to understand this dynamic, and work toward building a union of equality and power.

A quality man today has a difficult time understanding this dynamic because he is not trained to see it. In fact, our society has conditioned him to think in terms of right and wrong, and this binary view of life often repels a man. It is my belief that a great relationship coach can help you discover your own unique potential as a feminine genius, and because he understands the essence of what attracts us to one another, he can help you align yourself with that powerful energy. This alignment makes it possible for you to find true bliss.

As a quality man, then, it behooves you to seek out a relationship coach who can help you overcome any self-imposed limitations you may have developed because of being a "caveman" in regards to relationships. These limitations often center on fear and insecurity. As a quality man, you have already been conditioned from birth by society to believe that a woman's place is in the home, in the kitchen, and in the raising of children. Quality man experiences deep fear when he considers the idea of spending time with a woman other than his wife, or when he considers asking a woman out. As a result, he puts himself at a great disadvantage in trying to understand the female brain and therefore in trying to create quality connections with women.

Relationship Coaching - Understanding Polarity and Learning to Be Good At It!

On the other hand, if you are a quality woman, there are plenty of places you can go to help you get over your lack of understanding about male and female brain functioning. The primary function of the polarity of the female brain is to balance the opposing forces of good and evil. A relationship coach can help you use the two sides of the brain in order to create positive polarity so that both you and the man you love are happy. This kind of balance is difficult to achieve on your own, and a relationship coach can help you achieve it.

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