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Practicing respect costs nothing but brings many things!

Practicing respect costs nothing but brings many things! Respecting others is a great virtue. We can include this in our everyday life too,

Respecting others is a great virtue. We can include this in our everyday life too. It's not necessary that we always have to find any 'reason' to respect. Rather I believe no matter what a person's status or age everyone deserves respect and we must respect them.

If you find it difficult to respect someone who did wrong to you or with whom you have a personal clash or simply don't like them. Is so, then don't feel bad. Because we all have the same issue. But think, if you choose to respect them, it will bring them closer to you. Respect creates a beautiful bridge and it improves us a human being. Respect can help us improve other virtues also.

Listen to others.

Give them attention.

Value their opinion.

Be kind while treating people.

Be polite verbally and by your gesture.

Be thankful.

Show your love and support.

Take care of people.

These are some very rough list anyone can follow. You can incorporate many others to practice respect in your personal and professional life as well.

No matter what path you choose to show your respect, it will always bring back many positive things in your life. And, no matter how difficult you find to respect others, no matter how people disgust you; always remember that respect makes you a better human than anyone else.

It takes nothing, just a little positive intention to incorporate respect in our life. And you may never guess what can it bring back in our life. That's the magic of showing people respect. I hope every human can understand how helpful it is and practice this in their daily life.

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