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People around us 'shapes us'!

People around us 'shapes us'! Knowing the fact that people around us have a huge impact on our life, we sometimes make it hard for us to choose wisely

Knowing the fact that people around us have a huge impact on our life, we sometimes make it hard for us to choose wisely. We think that we have full control over our life, we can choose to do and think whatever we want. But the truth is we can't.

From where we grew up, our culture, environment everything shapes us. But most importantly the people. Now you can understand that maybe we can't change our environment or culture as per want. But we can choose who to befriend with, right?

I always believe that one of key to success is the people you are known with, you link, surrounding, friends and all. Now, we all know how hard it for anyone to ensure only the successful one around them. But I can give you simple tips to ensure that!

Be with positive-minded people.

Believe me, those people may not gonna fit with our definition of 'successful' but they can show you what real success means. You can get courage, power, motivation from them to take the right decision, make the right move. Moreover, you will find that people who want to help us, it's because they want to, not because they want something from us in return. Identifying them and surround ourselves with them is not actually that tough.

However, we sometimes can't get rid of toxic people even if we want to. But I would say, you have to take the hard choice for your own good. Because unknowingly they will impact you. And we all know a negative impact is more powerful than the positive one. You can't change the world with your positivity but you can change your life by being with positive people!

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