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How to Consider the Alternate and Stop Working!

How to Consider the Alternate and Stop Working!, Is it true that old age is actually a good thing?,

Is it true that old age is actually a good thing? Is it possible to "rejuvenate" yourself by getting more rest? Is there a reason to get older if you don't want to be? (I'm not sure I really think there is.) (Read on to find out what I mean.)

(A) Consider the Alternatives: (1) In reality, aging is actually a good thing, because it means you're getting older and getting wiser. Old age means that you've accumulated wisdom which you would not otherwise have had. (That's because wisdom comes from practice comes from experience, but that's another essay!) And by getting older, you've actually gotten wiser.

(B) Consider the Age Gap: If you think getting older means you can't learn new things anymore, then think again. You see, old age does mean you get wiser by experience. New things come your way, only if you allow them to come. Old age allows you to change and grow in new ways that help you grow and change.

(C) Think Long Term: You are not going to stay young forever. Eventually, even people who are very healthy at present will fall into a phase where they are aging faster than they expect.

(D) Think Long Term Even With Disease: Just because you're getting older doesn't mean that you cannot or should not live healthy and long. Aging does not mean you have to die prematurely.

(E) Think Long Term Even With Illness: You can and should try to live longer and healthier lives even with sickness. You will find that living longer and healthier lives is not impossible even with illness.

(F) Think Long Term Even With Bad Health: Many of us are very lucky, but it doesn't follow that you cannot get healthy, long lives no matter how bad your health is. In fact, you can have longer and healthier lives no matter how ill you are.

(G) Think Long Term Even With Illness, Even With a Bad Health: If your health is bad and you don't think you can get much better, then you don't think you can get better. but you are wrong. Instead, you will start thinking that you might be able to get better and that's all the motivation you need to think about the alternate.

(H) Think Long Term Even When You've Had an Affair: You shouldn't assume that your spouse has forgotten about the affair. Rather, you should remember that they have a reason to forget it. And you should be willing to ask that why. The longer you can delay thinking about the alternate and the longer you wait before asking for the alternative, the longer you can wait until the reason for the affair fades and your partner forgets the affair.

(I) Think Long Term Even When Your Child Has a Bad Health Condition: As a child grows, they learn to do things and do them in a different way. They learn to say something different when they want something. They learn to say "I'm sorry" and the words change in tone. They also learn to do things differently - things like say thank you instead of please or look at you instead of the ground.

(J) Think Long Term Even When Your Child Has a Bad Health Condition: Children learn to say thank you for everything even when they are hurting because they are hurt too. And your child is hurt too.

(K) Think Long Term Even If You Have a Bad Health Condition: When you don't feel like anything's happening and you know nothing is happening, you will find that your mind starts working in different ways. You find that you can do things differently.

(L) Think Long Term Even If Your Body feels like it's wearing down: When you don't feel like something is working, you can't stop it from working. In other words, when you don't feel like you're working, you will stop working.

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