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Got Insight Yet? What Does It Mean?

Got Insight Yet? What Does It Mean? It may be time to stop hoping for a breakthrough. Maybe you don't really need one.

It may be time to stop hoping for a breakthrough. Maybe you don't really need one. Or maybe you DO need one and you are just getting lazy with your thinking. Either way, you've got to stop pretending that you don't need insight. Because you DO need it, and you better get ready to work it into your life and make getting insight a reality. the only one who's been fooled. And you aren't the last. Believe it or not, there are other people out there who have figured out how to get what they want by using nothing more than their sixth sense. No big secret. Just like you, I'm convinced that the secret lies somewhere inside of you.

Got Insight Yet? What Does It Mean?

Don't you feel it when you're sitting in the park and you suddenly realize that the world is on your mind? Like the way you can seemingly get anything done when you just concentrate hard enough? And remember, when you've got a good feeling, or you feel like everything is going to turn out just right. Or when you've got a sinking feeling that something bad is about to happen and you just wait and see what happens. It happens all of the time and it will continue to happen until you open your eyes.

The bottom line is this: You need insight. Now, how do you get it? You can't wait around for someone else to show you how. That's like waiting for a bus to come by and you point to it and say, "here," before getting off the bus. At some point, you have to get up and do it yourself. You've got to figure out what it is you need, and then you've got to act on it.

Getting insight is like getting into a car and driving for the first time. Even though you know that you don't know how to drive at all, you just go for it. You don't even slow down. It's as if you're in a trance-like state of mind. That's how it is with getting information, too-unless you have a process in place that helps you relax and take things slow.

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