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Go with your biological clock!

Go with your biological clock! There is no way to deny this that our biological clock has a huge impact on our life. So when we choose to go against,

There is no way to deny this that our biological clock has a huge impact on our life. So when we choose to go against this, we actually choose to go against nature. We might not be particularly aware of our body's biological clock, and that's why there is a high chance that we are ignoring it. Also, maybe we are making our daily schedule against it.

But the thing is it's actually in our hands how you want to rule our lives. So I think that to ensure good Mental Health As well as physical health we need to focus on synchronizing with our biological clock!

When we hear about this word 'biological clock' maybe 'sleeping' comes first my mind. Because this is the most important thing which gets affected by going against the biological clock. If we make a pattern of sleeping which is good going with our biological clock we can have a very healthy life. Going bed early and waking up early in the morning, keeping a routine, bringing a good sleep cycle can be really great.

Another thing is our 'eating pattern'. From breakfast to dinner we should take maintain a proper time to intake food. Skipping, overeating, taking food in the middle of the night everything is wrong for our body and mind.

I'm not putting any specific time in doing things. Like, when should we go to sleep or when should we take our breakfast or lunch or dinner. Because I know that it's not possible for many to exactly follow the same thing. Our lifestyle is different so this will also be different. But what I'm telling you is take a moment to make a schedule of your daily routine. Try to synchronize your daily schedule with your biological clock, at least 80%.

I think this gonna help you to understand what you are doing wrong and what you need to do!

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