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From Self-Inflation to Self-Esteem: One Path to Personal Power

From Self-Inflation to Self-Esteem: One Path to Personal Power, When you have a high self-esteem, everything you do is successful.

"When you have a high self-esteem, everything you do is successful." Success in life is determined not so much by what we do but by the way we feel about doing it. This makes sense, as no two people are the same and therefore no two experiences will be the same. No success story can be told which is 'the right' one for any given person. It all depends on how you feel about yourself.

From Self-Inflation to Self-Esteem: One Path to Personal Power

There are many ways to increase self-esteem, and one of those is to learn from your successes and failures. The best teachers are the ones who 'teach by example.' Those who can 'walk the talk' and who inspire us with their honesty and integrity are people who we should emulate. Following in their footsteps is one path to personal power.

The second way is to emulate what they are doing. Look at what they do, pay attention to the details that you notice, and make it your own. When you do that, not only do you build up your own self-confidence, but also you become aware of the fact that there are things other than what other people expect out of you that are worth striving for. In this way, you are putting your own best foot forward. This is another path to personal success.

Finally, if all else fails, think about what you would want for yourself. Is there anything you would change about yourself? That might be a good place to start. If nothing else, you will discover that you have already made several positive changes in your life that are paying off. If you didn't have any 'pain' to identify with, would you think about making changes in yourself that would help you feel more successful and happy?

From Self-Inflation to Self-Esteem: One Path to Personal Power

All these things are about acknowledging that as humans, we are constantly learning about our true selves. It is about embracing the self-inflation that comes with changing and discovering who we really are. This is a powerful and worthwhile path to take, because it teaches you what you can do. It also reminds us that there is something worth striving for - even if you feel that the world is out to get you and that you're destined to a lifetime of mediocrity and unhappiness. Remembering what it is that you have already accomplished gives you the ammunition you need to keep pushing forward and reaching your goals.

That said, don't get hung up on the concept of thinking that you have already figured everything out. There is still work to be done, and you will undoubtedly be faced with situations where you must choose between being happy and being satisfied. If you are happy, you must remember that you still have work to do; but if you are satisfied, you can let go of the struggle. Deciding which path to take is probably the most difficult part of changing oneself, but following the one that leads to self-inflation will enable you to enjoy the journey much more than you might realize.

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