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Finding something good every day!

Finding something good every day! I don't know how many times I have said after coming back home that it was the worst day!

I don't know how many times I have said after coming back home that it was the worst day! I can remember every this or that which ruins my day. And sometimes blame everything for this. It's not very uncommon to wonder why there's nothing good happens to us!

Well, maybe we are not looking closely!

Many good things actually happening around us, every day. We just need to learn how to pick good things. I have read this somewhere that we need to challenge ourselves to find pick the good things in life. This catches my attention and I started to think about it. You know, this whole thing helped me a lot to changes my thought about life.

We have so many complaints about life. But if you pick the good thing, no matter how little it is, you will feel more connected and positive about life. It can be a smile from a stranger, a person helping an elder to cross the road or your co-worker lending you money; like anything. And it doesn't always require that you have to help someone. Just find the good thing happening around you. And point out that, write that and think about that. You will see, in a few days life will start to feel a little better.

We can't be what we are without the good things. So there's no way to feel frustrated to think no good is happening. Maybe it's not your time but you always can find the good everywhere. Wide-open your eyes and you will feel more close to life with happiness and love!

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