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Don't Misuse Your Precious Mind

Don't Misuse Your Precious Mind! says a wise old fellow, as he sits in a rocking chair on a sunny summer afternoon,

"Don't misuse your precious mind!" says a wise old fellow, as he sits in a rocking chair on a sunny summer afternoon. "If you do, the results will be negative and life will be unhappy. And when that'll lose your mind." Listen, wise men, before you go on with your thinking, think about this...your mind is precious. It is the only tool you have for real happiness and fulfillment of your life purpose.

That's what the top experts say. Think about it. Do you love your life? If not, why are you here? What is it you want to achieve?

If your answer is no, and you believe you don't have the answers, try to think about them and see if your answer makes sense. In fact, the experts recommend thinking about these things every day and you will begin to see some changes and improvements. You can improve your self-confidence. You can learn to be more assertive.

Let's look at some examples of how you might use your new-found self-confidence. Suppose you are a very shy person. Perhaps you have always been that way. You may have learned to be shy through negative beliefs. Or maybe you just learned that being shy was a good thing. These are all examples of how you might misapply your new-found self-confidence.

If, on the other hand, you believe that being confident is important, you can take that belief and change it into an asset for your self-esteem. If you know that the value of your new belief is helping you in business, you can make that belief a key component of what you do. If you know that being a salesperson is important, you can transform your belief about salespeople into an asset that helps you achieve your goals.

You see, by learning how to apply your new attitude or belief to any situation rather than just one or two situations, you will find that your confidence grows stronger as the process continues. You'll find that you are more relaxed. You'll find that you are not defensive when others bring up issues in your relationship. You will be able to defuse arguments instead of getting defensive. When you make these changes, your life will certainly become more enjoyable.

When you start applying these new beliefs to your life, your inner friend, your inner source of strength, will instantly begin supplying you with more energy, more zest, and more confidence. This is because belief is energy. When you apply the ideas that Nick Arrieta shared with his team members in The Secret, you create new pathways along which your energy can easily flow.

When you are able to harness your mind's ability to transform your negative beliefs into positive ones, you will discover that your life changes dramatically for the better. When you make the change from believing that others are below you to believing that you are a superior being above everyone else, you will discover that your self-esteem improves, and so will your self-confidence. When you make this change, you will also find that you have more peace in your heart.

When you are able to focus on other people's needs instead of focusing on your own needs, you will not feel the anxiety that many of us experience when we think that someone else is mistreating us. In The Road Less Taken by Steve hill, Nick captain recommends that you read the book at least a dozen times. If you don't have a copy of this fantastic book, you must get it right now!

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