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Authenticity and Charisma

Authenticity and Charisma, Authenticity, as defined by Wikipedia: "A trait that is considered the mark of a trustworthy individual or of a trusted,

Authenticity, as defined by Wikipedia: "A trait that is considered the mark of a trustworthy individual or of a trusted individual, especially in matters of public concern such as trust or credibility." In light of our current public management climate, one trait we need more of in our leaders is authenticity. Authenticity is a personal trait and not a masking ability. Those who may have charisma may not necessarily be trustworthy. We need to distinguish between being charismatic and being trustworthy.

Authenticity and Charisma

Charismatic leadership requires an emotional intelligence that allows you to flexibly adjust to the demands of the moment. Being charismatic requires you to believe in something enough to tell a group of people they are right and it takes a certain amount of confidence to let them know they're wrong. While I don't discount the importance of charisma or managing a group of people with charisma, there comes a time when confidence becomes a liability rather than an asset. Authenticity is a balance between believing what you say and knowing how to say it. Public management requires you to be authentic so groups can effectively make judgments about your performance.

Authenticity also requires an ability to make credible decisions grounded on sound reasoning. To be able to flexibly engage with the diverse array of group members and stakeholders, you must be confident enough to not engage in knee-jerk public participation decisions. The best public involvement decisions are those that are grounded in sound reasoning grounded on careful study of the facts. Kadhimian (2021) describes the process as a "slow dance" where the leader "plays devil's advocate" in hopes of stirring up sufficient doubt and anxiety to cause more people to turn against him.

The challenge for any public manager is the need to be both charismatic and believable. Charismatic leadership requires an ability to communicate powerful messages that resonate with followers while also projecting an aura of confidence. Realism is equally important as charisma when conducting effective decision making. The challenge here is twofold. One is to be able to use reasoning and rational thinking while at the same time being able to project an air of confidence. Two, a manager must understand that public management requires flexibility as flexibility makes it easier to engage with and take advantage of the collective wisdom gained through appropriate decision making.

Learning how to manage your authenticity and your ability to become a credible communicator while maintaining the necessary core of self-confidence is a complex matter. Fortunately there are many good management books and good management training programs that deal with this matter. A useful tool is called the four quadrant model where you can identify your personal Authenticity, your Credibility, your Conscience, and your Action. Within these quadrants you can then work on your three core competencies, which are also related to each other but on different levels. Once you have mastered these competencies you will be well on your way to increasing your personal and professional leadership competencies.

Authenticity and Charisma

The reality is that if you want to be a truly effective manager both personally and in public management it makes sense to recognize yourself as having these four Authenticity characteristics. In fact, it makes sense to think of yourself not only as having Authenticity, but as having three other traits as well. This way you can use your own experience to help you in your quest for improving your Authenticity, Credibility, and Conscience. You just might find that when you learn to flexibly make the right decisions under pressure, that it helps you gain the leadership skills that you need to be successful in both your personal and public management ventures.

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