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Are you imprisoned by your beliefs?

Are you imprisoned by your beliefs? Maybe you are doing things out of a sense of caution, or because you think that the world is out to get you,

Are you imprisoned by your beliefs? Maybe you are doing things out of a sense of caution, or because you think that the world is out to get you and will not forgive you for your actions. Maybe you don't even know why you do what you do, but it is an emotion that is controlling you and holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Are you imprisoned by your beliefs?

I used to be a perfectionist when I was growing up. I remember my mother always told me that I was never complete until I was in complete control of myself. I grew into adulthood and thought I had achieved enough, and then I started to have doubts. One day I realized that I had always been prisoned by my beliefs. It had held me back, and I couldn't move on. The problem with this is that you cannot see your own faults, so you don't know if you are imprisoned by your convictions or if you are just being a perfectionist who is afraid to fail.

Now, how can you tell if you are in prison by your beliefs? The first step is to evaluate whether you really do believe what you say. Do you really believe that poverty is evil? Or do you hold onto that belief because you have been taught it is right? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you are either completely ignorant about the subject matter or are completely prisoned by your beliefs.

If you want to see more examples of how your beliefs are holding you back, start by looking at the world in its entirety. Are there really wars and poverty and evil everywhere? Does money really make the world go round? Does man really cause cancer and disease, or is it that animal behavior is causing these problems?

Are you imprisoned by your beliefs?

Once you start evaluating your beliefs, you will find that you are not totally right, but maybe closer to the truth than you thought. You will also find that you have a lot of learning to do in order to move beyond your present perspective to an examination of your past and of course future perspectives. Remember that you are not prisoned by your beliefs, but rather they are poisoning you. When you learn to look at your beliefs objectively, and to replace them with new ones, you will find that you can go forward without being held back by your misconceptions and your prison. This will allow you to live in a more comfortable space.

To get freedom from your own imprisonment, you have to be willing to change your own outlook on life. When you are willing to make changes, even when it is uncomfortable, you will find that you will ultimately be able to reach your goals. Are you imprisoned by your beliefs?

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