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Are You a Free Thinker Or an Intellectual Prostitute?

Are You a Free Thinker Or an Intellectual Prostitute? If we want our civilization to continue for years and generations to come,

If we want our civilization to continue for years and generations to come, we must be a free thinker, a critical thinker, and an intellectual. Without these things, our society will quickly slip into decline. Our universities, colleges, and other educational institutions to promote the over-valuing of free thinking. In fact, our tax dollars are used to support many of the courses that we teach, so the concept of the free thinker has become embedded in our educational system. Many of our educational professionals call themselves free thinkers.

Are You a Free Thinker Or an Intellectual Prostitute?

But what does that mean? In the US it means being "productive," i.e., making money. There is a problem with this definition, however. In reality, most of our so-called "intellectuals" are nothing more than sheep in sheep's clothing. They follow the crowd, follow whatever is told them and proceed to parrot whatever is being spoon fed to them.

What is the definition of intellectual prostitution, then, if everyone is supposed to be an intellectual thinker? It means that people have chosen to be intellectual rather than use their natural instincts and talents in whatever manner they do best. In this society, we are all taught and even required to believe, that it is good to be a thinking person. If you are not thinking or reasoning properly, you are not doing your best. If you are not an intellectual, you are not doing anything at all, and you should just give up and quit being a free thinker.

What are the consequences of all this? Well, perhaps the most obvious one is the death of freedom and the demise of the US dollar. Without the dollar to back it up, this or any other country would cease to exist as we know it. Our society would be forced, like Greece in the days of the caveman, to compete for the intellectual superiority of the world with those who follow the path of thethink. And if thethinker loses, then civilization dies with it.

In addition, without the dollars backing it, we would be left with a bunch of brain dead, illiterate, weak-minded individuals who cannot make any decision that affects the direction of their country. And we are supposed to believe that they are free thinkers, because they obviously run around calling themselves intellectual. Now, I do not mean by this that all thinkers are intellectual prostitutes, but many are and it is becoming quite obvious to me as time goes on. Please consider this.

Some think that they are free thinkers, but they are not, they are intellectuals. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an intellectual in today's society if one is well educated in the philosophy of humanism. Unfortunately, the West has not been educating our people, it seems, rather we are just letting them come to us, which as you well know is the beginning of the end for any nation that does not evolve with the changing times.

Are You a Free Thinker Or an Intellectual Prostitute?

You see, the truth about the intellectuals is that they are afraid of change, and they are cowards at best, afraid to try new things. It is as if they want to live forever. Many of them are afraid of looking foolish, and thus they pretend to be intellectuals while they are nothing more than simple cowards hiding behind their intellectual glasses. If you are an intellectual and run around calling yourself one, you will not make it very far in this world, and you may even end up in prison.

Indeed, it is interesting how societies have forgotten what it means to be free. Freedom was a wonderful gift from our forefathers, and we should always protect it. But, when you are asking someone who is an intellectual to be your friend, and you cannot seem to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake, perhaps you are a free thinker or intellectual prostitutes. Perhaps you should start making some changes in your life right now and learn to be honest and humble before you try to give advice to anyone else, as you would not want them to be confused. Think on this.

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