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Opo - Google Adsense
Ilustrasi Googke Adsense
Don't be passive about your AdSense income; work hard to increase it. But
before you try out that hot new idea you read about at an Internet Forum, be
sure to check out Google's AdSense TOS. Some web publishers have forever
relinquished their fat AdSense paychecks, just because they were too busy to
pay attention to something so fundamental to their AdSense survival.

I like to play by the rules and have taken adequate care to ensure that my
AdSense tips and tweaks are legit. Making what I do from AdSense, I have
little incentive to go on a rule-breaking spree and get my AdSense account
For many Internet site owners, AdSense is like the goose that lays the golden
egg. Take good care of your goose — don't slaughter it in the mad rush to
increase your AdSense income!
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